Who is Breitling?

Breitling SA is a Swiss watchmaker based in Grenchen, Switzerland. Founded over 130 years ago by Léon Breitling, the brand is known all over the world for their precision-made chronometers that are beloved by the aviation community. Bentley is the superlative British car brand that has mirrored Breitling’s drive for the evolution of what already exists, and adapting technology materials to deliver cutting-edge products set against a backdrop of brand excellence.

Breitling for Bentley brings together the best of two independent luxury companies that share a focus on efficiency, boldness, the quest for perfection. With a working partnership that dates back 15 years, to 2002, the brands have been seamlessly and successfully intertwined!  

Breitling Watches x Bentley Cars

Breitling for Bentley sets the pace for style functionality, combining precision with performance. Breitling watches will also have a following in the second-hand vintage watch market, making them a perfect commodity!

With both brands sporting a double-winged logo, the symbiosis between the brands is evident throughout the years. With a winged B-initial found in both logos, it underlines the commonality in values that can be found between the brands.  

The relationship was born in 2002, when the Swiss watchmaker designed a new Breitling Continental GT. Joining the boys from Bentley for the Le Mans 24-hour race in 2003, Breitling presented a 48.7-millimetre chronograph Breitling for Bentley Motors (A25362) to celebrate Bentley’s success in the iconic race. 

Breitling for Bentley is underpinned by brand ambassador, David Beckham, carefully chosen to represent the modern man – stylish, with high standards superlative taste. Like the brand the product, wearers will know who they are the values that they stand for.

Breitling for Bentley Watches

In the wake of the first Breitling for Bentley watch (A25362), subsequent models – including the  H25362, the K25362 – are distinctive from other watches by an impressive 48.7 millimetre case a knurled bezel, inspired by the iconic Bentley radiator grille.

Driven by function as well as design, Breitling for Bentley watches are equipped with precision time-keeping movements, such as the 30-second chronograph with its sweeping second hand completing a full circle every half minute. Twice as fast as an ordinary chronograph, the 30-second chronograph was created to deliver high accuracy of measurement. The Bentley Motors T was launched in 2005 boasts the same high-quality functionality but with a very specific bezel design.

With a focus on the future of timekeeping, Breitling for Bentley has also turned to the past for inspiration for its collections. The Mark VI line borrows from the Bentley-limousine Mark VI  – one of the most stunning vintage cars ever made. The Mark VI boasts high-quality workmanship that has been created to meet the needs of those looking for exclusivity. 

As with the Mark VI, the Mulliner Tourbillon is the culmination of years of tradition excellence for both cars timekeeping. The Mulliner represents the best of Bentley’s master craftsmen capabilities tailored personalised to the individual demands of the client. In accord with the motor, Breitling for Bentley clients can choose between case materials, dial colours as well as the shade of the watch strap. Unsurprisingly, the Mulliner Tourbillon is one of the most expensive elaborate Breitling watches is known as the highlight of the Breitling for Bentley collection.

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March 10, 2020