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Why buy a second hand watch?

  • Pre-owned watches open up access to limited edition, rare and discontinued models otherwise unavailable as new
  • Demand for some luxury brands, and in particular Rolex watches, far exceeds the number of new watches available to watch retailers. Second hand watches are therefore sometimes the only option.
  • Buying a pre-owned watch avoids the initial depreciation which, just like cars, is a premium for buying new.
  • Buying from a trusted dealer provides assurance you are purchasing a genuine second hand watch. S&R Jewellers guarantee the authenticity of all preowned watches available for sale online and in store.
  • Luxury watches, after initial depreciation, tend to retain their value well, and purchasing a second-hand watch from a reputable brand that's in demand, can potentially hold its value better than buying new.
  • Many pre-owned luxury watches are sold with detailed service histories to confirm the the watch's condition and maintenance over time.
  • You are likely to find a watch that is great value for money, ideal for those looking for luxury at a lower price. Many second hand watches are available for less than their new selling price.
  • Opting for a second-hand luxury watch offers sustainability benefits by extending the lifespan of a product and reducing the demand for new manufacturing.
  • Some luxury watches even appreciate in value over time, making them potential investments. This is especially the case for limited edition or one of a kind models which are known to fetch remarkable prices at auction.
  • Luxury watch styles are classic and timeless. Designed to last a lifetime.

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