A Guide to Pre-owned Watches

The S&R Pre-owned Watch Buying Guide

Suttons and Robertsons are one of London's leading traders in pre-owned designer, luxury, vintage and antique watches. Family founded since 1770, S&R Jewellers has a rich history, and years of expertise. Get in touch with S&R Jewellers today, or feel free to visit us in our London store to browse your pre-owned luxury watch options for both gents and ladies.

What are the Benefits of Buying Pre-owned Watches?

Pre-loved watches are high quality, and great value for money

One benefit of buying pre-loved timepieces is that you can find a watch that is great value for money, without compromising on quality. This is a great option for those not only looking for a piece that may only be available to buy pre-owned, but also for those looking for luxury at a lower price. Many second hand watches are available for less than their RRP, which also means that you can get more for your money by shopping pre-loved. For example, most luxury watch items, with the exception of Rolex, that are sold second hand, are offered in the same condition as a new piece, but at only half to three quarters of the RRP. 

When you buy from a reputable pre-owned jeweller like S&R London, you can have the utmost confidence that all of our items in our second hand watch collection for gents and ladies are carefully examined to ensure high quality, authentic and genuine timepieces. Discover our selection of pre-owned watches from luxury and world leading brands such as Cartier, TUDOR, Rolex, Breitling, Patek Philippe and Omega.

You can find some great exclusive pre-owned watch models

Some popular luxury timepieces such as those from Rolex, Breitling, TUDOR, TAG Heuer, Patek Philippe, and Omega can be hard to purchase brand new. This is because many of these leading watch brands create limited edition and special edition timepieces that are only available for a select amount of time. So once they have sold out, it is almost impossible for watch enthusiasts to get their hands on these watches brand new. However, a benefit of shopping pre-owned is that these special edition and limited edition chronographs are often available to buy on the second hand market, from reputable jewellers such as Suttons and Robertsons. This is because many people like to renew their watch when the latest model is released, selling them on for others to enjoy. If you are unable to find what you are looking for on our website, our watch sourcing service can help secure your preferred model for you.

In addition, because these luxury watch brands do not make their new timepieces available online, they are only accessible by a select number of people, such as established or VIP clients. This causes these watch models to become extremely desirable and sought after in the luxury market. Therefore, the only option for many is to discover their pre-owned watch options, which means that they will be in with the chance to buy a timepiece that would not have been accessible before. Here at S&R London Jewellers, we are always looking for the latest, most popular watch models, and have a great pre-owned gents and ladies selection for you to browse. Discover our second hand watch collection online today, or feel free to visit us in store to see your options in-person.

Buying pre-owned allows you to skip the waiting list

Another advantage when choosing to buy a watch pre-owned is that you are able to bypass the waiting list. The waitlist for many sought after and popular pieces such as those from Rolex, Patek Philippe, TUDOR, Omega and TAG Heuer can be anything from 3 months to 10 years! Yes, many are willing to wait for these new models to become available to them, but it can be a long time to wait, and most of these items are only possible to buy straight away if they have been pre-owned. So by considering what is available to buy on the second hand watch market, you have the unique opportunity to get your hands on your desired timepiece in a much shorter amount of time than you would if buying new.

Shopping pre-owned is better for the environment

It is becoming increasingly popular amongst fashion, accessory and watch enthusiasts to move away from ‘fast fashion’, or mass produced items, and to instead opt for second hand or investment pieces. This has been widely encouraged in the watch market, as shopping pre-owned is better for the environment, because less waste is generated that will fill up in landfill. Additionally, if more people decide to buy pre-loved investment pieces that can be passed down through generations, the demand for new materials used to produce the latest models will be significantly reduced, and sustainability will be increased. So by choosing to go for a pre-owned or second hand timepiece, you will not only be saving money, but you will also be making a positive sustainable and environmentally friendly choice and promoting a circular economy.

Pre-owned Watch Gifts For Him

Browse the pre-owned luxury, designer and vintage watch collection for gents at S&R London Jewellers. We have a wide range of second hand timepieces from luxury and world leading brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Omega, TUDOR, TAG Heuer, and more.


Professional Watches

One of the most classic, timeless gift ideas for men is a professional watch. Our pre-owned luxury watch collection for gents at S&R London has a wide variety of brands, styles and price ranges that suit every occasion for you to choose from. You can browse our selection online today, or feel free to visit us in one of our London store's to view your options in-person.


Exclusive Pieces

As mentioned previously, a benefit of shopping for pre-owned watches is that you are more likely to come across unique, one-of-a-kind, and exclusive pieces that you may not be able to buy new. This will add an element of sentiment and meaning, as well as a personal touch, to your gift for him. S&R are always looking for unique and exclusive, second hand watches to add to our mens pre-owned timepiece collection.

Pre-owned Watch Gifts For Her

Discover our selection of luxury, vintage, designer and antqiue pre-owned jewellery for ladies at S&R London Jewellers. Since 1770, Suttons and Robertsons have been renowned for their collection of pre-owned designer timepieces. We offer you the very best quality choices in our ladies pre-loved watch collection.

Pre-owned Cartier watches at S&R London Jewellers

Vintage Watches

Vintage timepieces are a fantastic gift on any occasion for your loved ones. The high quality design and unique styles found in antique watches remains beautiful to this day, making these pieces a truly individual and unique gift idea. An advantage to buying pre-owned, vintage watches is that you are more likely to get your hands on popular, branded pieces that you otherwise might not have! This includes pre-loved models from world-leading, luxury brands such as Cartier, Bvlgari, Rolex and Gucci.


Smaller Timepieces

Many leading watch brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Bvlgari and Omega offer a collection of smaller, more delicate watches for women. The avdantage of a smaller timepiece is that they have a subtle, yet distinctive presence on the wrist. They are a great gift idea for ladies as they go with every outfit, and can stylishly be worn on a day-to-day basis.

Pre-owned Watches FAQs

What should I look for when buying pre-owned watches?

Buy from a trusted and reputable jeweller

When shopping with a reputable pre-owned jeweller like Suttons and Robertsons, you can have the utmost confidence that we meticulously check the authenticity of each and every watch in our collection, and that you are buying genuine, high quality items. It is understandable though that some buyers, especially new ones, would like the peace of mind of knowing that there are a few steps that they can take to ensure authenticity. Discover these steps below…

Check the condition of the timepiece

The condition of a timepiece is one of the most important aspects to consider when shopping for pre-owned watches. Reputable and renowned pre-owned watch retailers sell items that are in excellent shape, and can even be found in a brand new condition. It is especially crucial to check that your desired timepiece is in great condition when buying an investment piece, as it ensures that the watch is high quality, and that it will stand the test of time.

Look at the price of the watch

Once you have found your desired pre-loved watch model, we recommend that you closely examine the price, as well as doing some research online to get a better idea of the market value for the same watch of a similar age and condition. This way, you will have more of an idea of whether the watch is overpriced, or about right. However, if the second hand watch that you are looking at seems to have a very low price tag, then this would be something to watch out for, as there is likely a reason why. This timepiece could be fake, damaged or stolen, which is something that you definitely want to avoid!

Closely examine the model and design

There are several ‘tell tale’ signs that will show if a watch is counterfeit. These can include the finish of the watch, incorrect displayed information on the dial, the weight of the piece, as well as the movement. Our in-house experts at S&R London Jewellers are well trained in spotting a fake, and you have our guarantee that we will never offer any item that we are not 100% confident in.

Buying pre-owned jewellery at Suttons and Robertsons

Which watch brands are available in the S&R pre-owned watch collection?

Within our pre-owned watch collection for gents and ladies, S&R stocks many world-leading, luxury timepiece brands such as Cartier, Gucci, Rolex, Breitling, Bvlgari, Patek Philippe and Omega. You can browse our selection of second hand watches online at Suttons and Robertsons here, or alternatively, you can visit us in one of our London showrooms to view your options in-person.

What is the condition of pre-owned watches at S&R?

Suttons and Robertsons only offer items that are, or can be restored to, a near new condition; we only sell the very best! All items offered within our luxury pre-owned watch collection are scrutinised for defaults or wear, and are repaired where necessary. We place a great importance on ensuring that all of our timepieces are meticulously cleaned and polished before being advertised for sale. In most cases, our second hand branded and designer watches are sent back to their original manufacturer for servicing, polishing and repairs, and are returned in excellent condition. 

Will the box and papers be provided when buying a second hand watch at S&R?

If the original box and papers of the second hand watch that you are buying are available, then we will of course provide you with these. However, not every client that sells to us keeps the packaging and documents of their timepiece. If this is the case, then the items offered within our pre-owned luxury watch collection will be presented in our high quality, modern in design, S&R branded boxes. 

Does S&R offer a transparent watch returns policy?

Yes, any S&R pre-owned watches that develop problems, not by fault of the purchaser, are covered by a 1 year warranty, and we will be happy to repair your timepiece free of charge! We also offer a 14-day returns and 14-day refund policy, where you can be confident that you will receive smooth, no-fuss customer service. 

Is a record of the origins of a pre-owned watch recorded at S&R?

To ensure a safe sale now, and in the future, our expert team at Suttons and Robertsons store all of the details of the client who sells us an item to add to our pre-loved luxury watch collection. We take and record the full identification of the watch’s original owner, whilst also running a lost and stolen check to provide the peace of mind that an item is as it seems. For GDPR reasons, we can’t pass this data on to a buyer when selling watches from our collection. However, you can trust that with our impeccable track record since 1770, that you are buying a timepiece with honest and true origins.

What seller reputation and guarantee does S&R give to watch buyers?

Here at S&R London Jewellers, our reputation is everything, and we wouldn’t be trading pre-owned watches and jewellery for over 250 years if this wasn’t the case! Our in-house experts are well trained in spotting a fake watch, and we will never offer any item that we are not completely, or 100% confident in. You can have the utmost confidence and trust in Suttons and Robertsons guarantee and seller reputation, as we meticulously check all of our items to ensure authenticity, high quality, and value for money. If you have any queries, then we encourage you to please contact us - we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have! 

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We are one of London's leading traders in pre-owned jewellery and watches. Family founded and operated since 1770, S&R Jewellers has a rich history, and years of expertise.

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Suttons and Robertsons are one of London's leading traders in pre-owned designer, luxury, vintage and antique jewellery. Discover our guide to buying pre-owned jewellery.

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