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Chopard - Celebrity Red Carpet Jewellery

  • Chopard was founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in Sonvilier, Switzerland. The start of an inspiring journey.
  • The company remained in the Chopard family until 1963 when it was purchased by Karl Scheufele III, a German watchmaker and goldsmith.
  • Chopard initially specialised in crafting precision pocket watches and chronometers before expanding into jewellery.
  • In the 1970s, Chopard introduced the groundbreaking concept of "Happy Diamonds," where diamonds are set in a way that allows them to move freely, creating a dynamic and playful effect.
  • Chopard is committed to using sustainably and responsibly sourced gold in its jewellery creations.
  • Chopard has been the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival since 1998, and the brand's jewellery is often worn by celebrities on the red carpet.
  • Chopard has crafted jewellery for various members of royalty, including Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales.
  • Chopard has collaborated with artists and designers on special collections, including a collaboration with the iconic fashion house, Elie Saab.
  • Chopard is the official timekeeper for the Mille Miglia, a historic Italian car race, and has a collection of watches inspired by this event.
  • The L.U.C. collection is named after Louis-Ulysse Chopard and showcases the brand's most high-end and intricate watchmaking.
  • Inspired by imperial empires, the Imperiale collection features bold and distinctive designs with Roman numerals and intricate motifs.
  • Chopard collaborated with Boodles, a renowned British jeweller, on a collection of high-end watches.
  • Chopard's Animal World collection features playful and intricately designed animal-inspired jewellery.
  • The Ice Cube collection introduces a modern and minimalist aesthetic to Chopard's designs, focusing on clean lines and geometric shapes.
  • Building on the Happy Diamonds concept, the Happy Hearts collection combines hearts and diamonds to celebrate love and joy.
  • Chopard's Red Carpet collection is a showcase of extravagant and opulent jewellery pieces worn by celebrities at prestigious events.
  • Chopard offers a range of elegant and feminine watches tailored specifically for women.
  • Boodles, a British luxury jeweller, and Chopard have collaborated on a special collection, combining their expertise in high-end jewellery.
  • Chopard's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in the luxury industry has earned it recognition and respect.
  • Chopard has boutiques in major cities around the world, including Paris, New York, London, and Tokyo, showcasing its international influence in the luxury market.

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