Rolex Warranty Cards are provided to validate the authenticity of a new Rolex watch, to confirm its purchase from an official stockist, and act as a guarantee. It is one of a number of Rolex papers which add to the lifetime value of a watch - the availability of the original Rolex Warranty card is certainly an important consideration when buying a second hand Rolex watch and will influence the price commanded for a pre-owned purchase.

What is a Rolex Warranty Card?

Rolex Warranty Cards, sometimes described as certification, are unique to each individual Rolex watch. They include details such as the model number, serial number and the date of purchase. It may also contain information about the authorised dealer from which the watch was purchased. As with horological advancement, the Rolex Warranty Card has seen considerable evolution over the years and is now similar to a credit card, with information protected by microchip technology to support printed detail. This Rolex card is presented in a smart faux leather wallet as part of the Rolex box and papers bundle. It is coupled with the green seal, a symbol of its status as a Superlative Chronometer.

Rolex Warranty Duration & Cover

Genuine first hand Rolex watches always have an international Rolex warranty card that is currently valid for five years from the date of purchase. During this period, Rolex covers the watch against manufacturing defects and faults. Although the warranty cover may have expired when buying a used Rolex watch, the warranty card itself nevertheless still has a value in confirming the authenticity of the timepiece. Particularly, if buying a pre-owned Rolex as a ‘passion’  investment, the availability of the warranty card will also help retain future value.

The guarantee does not cover general wear and tear or standard Rolex servicing costs, although to maintain the warranty validity, Rolex does recommend having the watch regularly serviced by authorised Rolex service centres. Servicing helps ensure the watch's proper functioning and longevity as well as maintaining the polished aesthetic of the watch. The servicing procedure is extensive and as well as assuring optimal function, can be considered an investment in the watch’s future. A service history is recorded separately to the Rolex Warranty card and is another paper to look for when considering a pre-owned Rolex watch purchase.

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Variations in Rolex Warranty Cards 

Rolex have updated its warranty policies and designs over the years so especially when buying a second hand Rolex , it is advisable to check the latest information from official Rolex channels.

Originally paper based, there are also variations based upon regional acquisition to be aware of, for example the US use a paper wallet to hold the Rolex guarantee versus the faux leather wallet. Another key difference between the USA and the rest of the world is language - US issued warranty cards are printed in English whereas the primary language for the rest of the world is French.

With the exception of the US cards include a country code eg, England is code 160. This might add to the value, but the rarest code – 061 – refers to the Rolex Headquarters meaning that the watch was bought privately directly from Rolex. 

Fake Warranty Cards

In the same way that there are many copy or counterfeit Rolex watches in circulation, there are also fake warranty cards. Genuine warranty cards have a number of features to help confirm authenticity: 

  • Hologram This is only visible with UV light.
  • Text in Lines The green lines on the card are actually the words “Internationale Rolex Garantie” written over and over and give the illusion of a line. This detail can only be seen when magnified.
  • Black Fonts All the black text on the Rolex warranty card combines a clear and pixelated style.
  • Gold Print The Rolex logo and gold text is metallic, only clearly distinguished by magnification.

What If No Rolex Warranty Card is Available?

When buying a pre-owned Rolex watch, the lack of a warranty card may reduce the price commanded. Not all previous owners are aware of the additional value it provides and have simply not retained it or have mislaid it. As with other valuables, luxury watches are also often passed down through generations and Rolex papers are not necessarily shared in these instances. In such cases the other authenticity checks undertaken by expert dealers can fully validate your purchase.

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Buying a pre-owned Rolex from S&R Jewellers

As a leading dealer in second hand luxury watches, S&R Jewellers guarantee authenticity of all pre-owned Rolex purchased regardless availability of a Rolex warranty card. Our expert team inspect all components of the watch including internal casing, movement and engraving, as well as testing watch function. Where condition or function would benefit from a service or polishing this is undertaken by an accredited Rolex Servicing Center before being made available for purchase.

In addition to authentication and function checks, we also search ‘The Watch Register’ to confirm that no loss or theft of the item has been reported. This register holds extensive intelligence compiled with input from watch manufacturers, insurance companies, police and investigation agencies.

All our used Rolex watches are available to view by arrangement at any of our London based showrooms so that you also have the opportunity to see the watch and to meet our experts in person ahead of purchase if you wish. And once you decide to buy your purchase will be backed with a 12 month S&R warranty.

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