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second hand eternity rings

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Eternity Rings

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Eternal Life for Eternity Rings

  • The classic style of these diamond bands mean that second hand eternity rings will always offer a timeless option.
  • Most designs are either half or fully set with diamonds or a mix of diamonds and other precious gemstones such as Sapphire, Emerald or Ruby.
  • Stacking eternity rings is another fashionable style. Saving with second hand eternity ring choices can mean more rings for less!
  • Eternity rings are typically given to mark significant milestones or occasions in a relationship. The timing for giving an eternity ring can vary, sometimes many years after an engagement ring or wedding ring. Preloved eternity rings can often give a better style and condition match.
  • A popular time for gifting an eternity ring is the birth of a first child. Preloved eternity rings are typically more affordable when budgets are stretched to welcome a newborn.

  • Look for the total diamond carat weight when browsing both new and pre-owned eternity rings. It is likely that you will find more carat for your money with second hand eternity rings. And higher quality diamonds too.
  • Matching style and fit of an eternity ring with engagement wedding rings can demand a bespoke design. Have you considered buying a second hand eternity ring for remodelling to save money?
  • Looking for an iconic eternity ring? Tiffany & Co are renowned for iconic diamond ring collections including engagement rings and eternity rings.Second hand Tiffany eternity rings can make this luxury and desirable jewellery brand more affordable.
  • At S&R Jewellers all our preowned eternity rings are fully authenticated and sold with a 12 month warranty. Complimentary ring resizing available, subject to design - please enquire for details.

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