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Buying Second Hand Diamond Rings

  • Diamonds have been used in rings for centuries with use dating back thousands of years. The 20th century advancements in diamond cutting, particularly popularised use of diamonds in engagement rings.
  • Buying a second hand diamond ring offers an opportunity to acquire exceptional quality jewellery at a lower price than new. Consider buying a preowned diamond ring particularly if you are looking for a high quality colour, cut, clarity and / or large carat weight. If the ring is not in your size many diamond rings can be easily resized. 
  • Generally considered the most precious gemstone based upon rarity and durability, diamonds are used extensively by the world’s most iconic jewellery houses such as Tiffany, Boodles and Cartier. Second hand Tiffany engagement rings are particularly desirable as the lower price point can make it financially easier to help someone’s dream come true.
  • Antique and vintage diamond rings offer a range of designs covering historic eras which are largely unavailable as new pieces unless they are commissioned as bespoke diamond rings.
  • Keep your second hand diamond ring in it’s original form, or use the diamond(s) in a remodelled design to achieve a more affordable bespoke design.
  • When buying a preowned diamond ring, look for certification details. Diamond ring certification is the process of having a diamond evaluated, graded and documented by an independent gemologist laboratory such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or International Gemological Institue (IGI).
  • Not all real diamond rings are certified and sometimes certified diamonds available for second hand purchase are not accompanied by documentation if it has not been retained by the original owner. S&R experts evaluate every diamond ring available for sale, guarantee authenticity and provide a 12 month warranty.
  • S&R Jewellers offer a range of pre-owned diamond engagement rings, diamond eternity rings, and branded diamond rings. All our second hand diamond rings are available to view at one of London stores. Find the store each item is located in the individual product details.

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