Imagine being able to say “I have a Tiffany engagement ring!” It is every girl’s dream. This guide will explain the types of Tiffany & Co engagement rings, what to look for in a second-hand Tiffany engagement ring, and more.

A Brief History of Tiffany & Co

Founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young, Tiffany & Co started as a stationary and fancy goods store in New York City. Over the years, it evolved into an iconic brand synonymous with luxury and elegance. Tiffany revolutionised the jewellery industry with its introduction of the Tiffany Setting, a six-prong solitaire diamond ring, in 1886. This setting was designed to maximise the diamond's brilliance, becoming a timeless symbol of engagement and love. Today, Tiffany & Co continues to set the standard for exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled quality with people all over the world desiring a Tiffany and Co engagement ring.

What Makes a Tiffany and Co Engagement Ring Special?

Tiffany & Co engagement rings stand out due to their exceptional quality, classic designs, and ethical sourcing practices. Each ring is handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that every detail is perfect. The diamonds used in Tiffany & Co rings are among the most carefully selected in the world, guaranteeing that only the finest stones are used in their iconic settings. Above all, it is the Tiffany name which adds to the appeal and desire for these rings.

Tiffany is a very well-known brand all over the world. The instantly recognisable  Tiffany blue box packaging has become as renowned as the jewellery itself. Another famed acknowledgement is the 1961 ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ movie which features the main character, played by Audrey Hepburn, gazing out of a window and admiring the Tiffany store. A much loved scene, shared widely ever since, has increased adoration for the brand, elevating Tiffany’s place as a leading company in the jewellery business. Every woman would love a piece of Tiffany jewellery!

The ambition to own a piece of Tiffany jewellery becomes more achievable when considering pre-owned Tiffany jewellery. Buying used Tiffany at a lower price makes this fabulous brand accessible to even more people. At up to 50% below RRP it is an excellent option for anyone looking to buy an engagement ring. 

Tiffany Blue Branding
Tiffany Blue Branding

Understanding the Diamond Ring 

Tiffany Diamond Rings

Tiffany diamond rings are synonymous with elegance and craftsmanship, epitomising the desirability of one of the world's most iconic luxury brands. Each ring features naturally sourced diamonds of the highest quality, selected for their exceptional brilliance and purity. The distinctive Tiffany six-prong setting, introduced in 1886, is designed to lift the diamond from its setting to maximise the diamond's brilliance. This made it distinguishable from other similar designs as most jewellers used a bezel setting and the diamond blended in with the ring setting.

Diamond 4cs

When selecting a diamond, it’s essential to understand the diamond 4Cs: Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity. These factors determine a diamond's quality, value, and unique characteristics, with Tiffany & Co only using the highest quality gemstones to adhere to their strict standards. 

“At Tiffany, we only accept 0.04% of the world’s gem-grade diamonds.” 

Carat: Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. Tiffany diamonds are measured to ensure that each stone meets their high standards. Whether you choose a smaller, delicate diamond or a larger, statement-making gem, you can be confident that Tiffany diamonds offer exceptional brilliance and presence as a leading brand in gemstone jewellery.

Cut: The cut of a diamond is crucial to its sparkle and overall appearance and is different to the shape of a diamond. Tiffany's expert craftsmen cut each diamond to precise proportions to maximise its light reflection. This attention to detail ensures that Tiffany diamonds are among the most brilliant in the world.

Colour: Diamond colour is graded on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Tiffany diamonds have the highest colour grades, ensuring that each stone is as colourless and pure as possible. An exception to this is a Tiffany yellow diamond engagement ring, crafted with exceptionally high-quality diamonds and giving a beautiful striking yellow colour.

Clarity: Clarity refers to the purity and rarity of the stone by measuring the presence of internal or external imperfections, known as inclusions and blemishes. Tiffany diamonds are chosen for their exceptional clarity, with many of their diamonds being nearly flawless.

Diamond Shapes

Diamonds can be crafted into a wide variety of shapes. Tiffany & Co offers a range of diamond shapes, each with its unique charm and appeal. Some of the most popular shapes include round diamonds, princess diamonds, and emerald cut diamonds. 

Tiffany True Diamonds: Invented by Tiffany, the Tiffany True is a mixed cut diamond shape with a step-cut crown and a brilliant-cut pavilion. This diamond shape allows for optimal reflections and subtle rainbows within the diamond. 

Round Brilliant: The round brilliant is the most popular diamond shape, known for its exceptional sparkle. It features 58 facets that are precisely cut to maximise light reflection, making it the common choice for engagement rings and luxury jewellery.

Princess: The princess cut is a contemporary favourite, recognised for its square with pointed corners. It combines the brilliance of a round cut with a modern, geometric appearance, offering a unique and edgy sparkle.

Cushion: The cushion cut, sometimes referred to as a "pillow cut," features rounded corners and larger facets. This shape enhances the diamond’s clarity and brilliance, giving it a vintage charm with a contemporary twist.

Emerald: The emerald cut is distinguished by its rectangular shape and step-cut facets, which create a "hall of mirrors" effect with its long lines and dramatic flashes of light. This cut highlights the diamond's clarity and colour, offering a sophisticated and elegant look.

Oval: The oval cut is an elongated version of the round brilliant, known for its elegant silhouette and brilliant sparkle. Its elongated shape can create the illusion of longer, slimmer fingers, making it a flattering choice for many.

Pear: The pear-shaped diamond, also known as the teardrop, combines the best of the round and marquise cuts with a tapered point on one end. It is celebrated for its unique and graceful appearance, offering a blend of traditional and modern styles.

Heart: The heart-shaped diamond is the ultimate symbol of love, with its distinctive heart silhouette. This shape requires precise cutting to ensure symmetry and brilliance, making it a romantic and visually striking choice for engagement rings as well as other jewellery such as necklaces.

tiffany engagement ring shapes
Tiffany Pear-shaped Ring & Tiffany Cushion Ring

Types of Tiffany Engagement Rings 

Tiffany Engagement Ring Settings 

Tiffany Solitaire Ring: What is a solitaire ring? The Tiffany Solitaire Ring is an iconic symbol of elegance and simplicity, featuring a single, stunning diamond that is prominently displayed. This timeless design showcases the beauty of the diamond with an understated sophistication that is perfect for those who appreciate classic elegance.

Tiffany Halo Ring: The Tiffany Halo Ring surrounds a centre diamond with a circle of smaller diamonds, creating a radiant halo effect. This setting enhances the overall sparkle and makes the centre stone appear larger and more brilliant. The halo of diamonds adds a touch of vintage charm while providing extra brilliance, making it a popular choice for those who love a glamorous and dazzling look.

Tiffany Pavé/ diamond band Ring: The Tiffany Pavé Ring features a band that has small, closely set diamonds, creating a continuous sparkle around the finger. This setting complements the centre diamond and adds an additional layer of shimmer and elegance. The pavé design is perfect for those who desire extra sparkle and a more luxurious appearance, as it emphasises the brilliance of the entire ring.

Tiffany Three-stone Ring: The Tiffany Three-Stone Ring showcases a central diamond flanked by two smaller diamonds on either side. This design symbolises the past, present, and future of a couple's relationship, making it a deeply meaningful choice. The three-stone setting offers a beautiful balance of elegance and symbolism, with the side stones enhancing the size and brilliance of the centre diamond.

Tiffany Engagement Ring Metal

Tiffany Gold Ring: The Tiffany Gold Ring is crafted from high-quality yellow gold, a classic and timeless metal choice. Yellow gold's warm and rich hue adds a traditional and luxurious feel to the engagement ring, complementing the brilliance of the diamond and providing a beautiful contrast.  

Tiffany Rose Gold Ring: The Tiffany Rose Gold Ring features a distinctive pinkish hue, created by alloying gold with copper. This romantic and trendy metal choice offers a unique twist on the traditional engagement ring, with its soft and warm colour providing a vintage and feminine appeal. Rose gold is perfect for those who want a ring that stands out with a touch of modern elegance.

Tiffany Platinum Ring: Platinum's naturally white sheen enhances the diamond's brilliance without the need for rhodium plating, ensuring a long-lasting and radiant appearance. This hypoallergenic metal is known for its strength and resistance to tarnish, making it an ideal choice for those who desire a ring that combines luxury with longevity.

tiffany engagement ring metal
Tiffany Yellow-gold Ring & Tiffany Platinum Ring

Tiffany & Co Engagement Rings - Tiffany & Sustainability 

Tiffany has a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding conflict diamonds. Conflict-free diamonds are those obtained from countries that fully adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. Another key aspect that sets Tiffany & Co apart is their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. The company adheres to strict standards to ensure that all diamonds are sourced responsibly, minimising environmental impact and promoting fair labour practices. Tiffany & Co.'s commitment to responsible sourcing ensures that every diamond is obtained through ethical practices, adhering to the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility.

What to Look for in a Pre-owned Tiffany and Co Engagement Ring

When purchasing a second-hand Tiffany engagement ring, there are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the perfect ring for your special moment.

Quality: Tiffany's reputation for quality is unmatched. Each diamond is carefully selected and crafted to meet their rigorous standards. Although Tiffany’s standards are exceptional, it is important to remember when buying a pre-loved engagement ring that there may be minor flaws. Traces of use on second-hand Tiffany jewellery shows that the piece has history and memories attached adding more character and special meaning.

Design: Consider the style and design that best suits your partner's taste. Tiffany offers a wide range of designs, from classic to contemporary, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Comfort: Ensure the ring is comfortable to wear daily and in the correct size. Tiffany & Co rings are designed with comfort in mind, but it’s essential to find a style that feels right on the finger. If your Tiffany engagement ring doesn’t have the ideal fit, you can get it re-sized.

Authenticity: Unfortunately, the popularity of Tiffany & Co has led to the creation of fake Tiffany pieces. Ensure you are purchasing a genuine Tiffany engagement ring by verifying the Tiffany diamond certificate, check for Tiffany engravings and markings and purchase from trusted companies to have the best chance of avoiding a fake Tiffany engagement ring

Price: A pre-owned Tiffany engagement ring will have a lower cost than buying a brand-new ring. But how much to spend on an engagement ring is a completely personal choice. Could a pre-owned option bring a Tiffany engagement ring within your budget?

Pre-owned Tiffany & Co Engagement Rings at S&R Jewellers 

A Tiffany and Co engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewellery; it’s a symbol of love, commitment, and timeless elegance. By understanding the 4Cs, exploring different styles, and considering your partner’s preferences, you can find the perfect second-hand Tiffany ring that will be cherished for a lifetime and at a fraction of the cost. Whether you choose a classic Tiffany setting or a unique yellow diamond, your Tiffany and Co engagement ring will be a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection and something to be proud of. Discover pre-owned Tiffany engagement rings at S&R Jewellers London.

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