There is an intriguing story behind the dual names that have come to symbolise luxury and elegance in the world of fashion and jewellery. For decades, the renowned Italian brand has captivated connoisseurs with its exquisite designs and opulent creations. Yet, the apparent discrepancy in its name, presented as both Bvlgari and Bulgari, has sparked curiosity and speculation. This exploration seeks to shed light on the origins, evolution, and significance of this dual nomenclature, providing a fascinating insight into the brand's rich history and the nuances that have shaped its global identity. Join us on a journey through time and linguistics as we uncover the enigmatic tale of Bvlgari and Bulgari.


Bvlgari is a renowned Italian luxury brand known for its exquisite jewellery, watches, accessories, and fragrances. Its history can be traced back to 1884 when Sotirios Voulgaris, a Greek immigrant, founded the company in Rome, Italy. Sotirios initially started as a jeweller, and over time, his craftsmanship and unique designs gained popularity.

The distinctive name "Bvlgari" has an interesting origin. Sotirios Voulgaris, like many immigrants, faced the challenge of adapting to a new linguistic and cultural environment. In Italy, the Greek alphabet differed significantly from the Latin alphabet used in the Italian language. To make his name more accessible to Italian customers, Sotirios decided to adopt the phonetic spelling of his name, "Bvlgari".

Bvlgari stands as one of the most prestigious and recognised luxury brands globally, synonymous with opulence, style, and exceptional craftsmanship

This phonetic adaptation not only made the name easier for Italian speakers to pronounce but also added a unique and distinctive touch to the brand. Over time, the phonetic rendering of the name became an integral part of the brand's identity, setting it apart in the world of luxury goods.

Today, Bvlgari stands as one of the most prestigious and recognised luxury brands globally, synonymous with opulence, style, and exceptional craftsmanship. The brand's legacy, rooted in its founder's vision and determination to create exceptional pieces of jewellery, continues to be celebrated by discerning clientele worldwide.


Bulgari and Bvlgari are the same brand; the difference lies in the representation of the name. This distinction has historical, linguistic, and branding significance.

Linguistic and Phonetic Adaptation

Sotirios Voulgaris used the phonetic spelling "Bvlgari" to make it more accessible to Italian speakers. The letter "v" in "Bvlgari" represents the Greek letter "υ" (upsilon), pronounced as "v" in modern Greek. This adaptation made the name easier for Italian speakers to pronounce and remember.

Branding and Identity

The phonetic rendering "Bvlgari" became an integral part of the brand's identity, setting it apart in the world of luxury goods. Over time, this unique spelling became associated with the brand's exquisite craftsmanship, opulence, and distinctive style.

Recognition and Global Presence

Despite the phonetic spelling, the brand's jewellery and luxury goods gained recognition internationally. The unique representation of the name did not hinder its global success; instead, it contributed to the brand's recognition as an iconic luxury label.

For the Brand Owner

For the brand owner, maintaining the phonetic representation of "Bvlgari" signifies a commitment to the brand's historical roots, heritage, and legacy. It serves as a reminder of the founder's vision and the brand's journey from its humble beginnings to becoming a global luxury powerhouse

For the Consumer

The difference between Bulgari and Bvlgari lies in the phonetic representation of the brand's name, which has historical, linguistic, and branding significance. It serves as a unique identifier for the brand and signifies its commitment to its roots and heritage. For consumers, it represents a piece of the brand's rich history and the founder's immigrant journey. Despite the linguistic distinction, both names refer to the same iconic luxury brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship and opulent creations.

What Does The Bvlgari Logo Mean?

The Bvlgari logo is a distinctive representation of the brand's name in a Roman-inspired font. The word "Bvlgari" is written in a stylised manner, often with the letter "V" represented as a "u" with a small line on top, a nod to the classical Latin alphabet.

The logo's design embodies a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication, reflecting the brand's rich Roman heritage and its association with luxury. The use of Roman-inspired typography pays tribute to Bvlgari's Italian roots and references the classical architecture and artistry of ancient Rome. This design choice helps to evoke a sense of grandeur, history, and the enduring appeal of classical aesthetics, which are all important elements in Bvlgari's brand identity.

Overall, the Bvlgari logo is a visual representation of the brand's commitment to elegance, heritage, and the enduring legacy of Italian craftsmanship. It has become an iconic symbol of luxury and quality in the world of high-end fashion and jewellery.

Bvlgari Jewellery

Bvlgari's exquisite jewellery creations are a harmonious fusion of Italian artistry and timeless elegance. Renowned for their opulence and meticulous craftsmanship, Bvlgari pieces have graced the world's most glamorous events and adorned discerning clientele for over a century. From the iconic Serpenti collection, which beautifully captures the sinuous grace of a serpent, to the bold and geometric designs of the B.zero1 line, Bvlgari jewellery evokes a sense of luxury and sophistication. The brand's master artisans meticulously select and set the finest gemstones, showcasing a vibrant array of colours and textures. Whether it's the vibrant allure of a ruby or the captivating sparkle of a diamond, each stone is carefully chosen to accentuate the beauty of the design, resulting in jewellery pieces that transcend mere adornments to become cherished works of art.

Bvlgari's legacy in jewellery design is characterised by its innovative and groundbreaking creations. The brand is known for its pioneering use of unconventional materials, such as Tubogas, a flexible and coiled gold, which revolutionised jewellery design in the mid-20th century. Bvlgari's audacious combinations of gemstones, bold use of colour, and distinctive architectural forms have earned it a place at the forefront of the luxury jewellery industry. Each piece is a testament to the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship, creating jewellery that not only captures the spirit of the times but also stands as a timeless testament to the enduring allure of Italian design.

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Bvlgari Luxury Watches

Bvlgari extends its legacy of opulence and craftsmanship into the world of horology with a captivating range of watches. Each Bvlgari timepiece is a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence and innovation. From the iconic Octo collection, characterised by its distinctive octagonal case, to the elegant Serpenti line, which pays homage to the brand's iconic serpent motif, Bvlgari watches seamlessly marry exquisite design with precision engineering. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these timepieces are not only instruments of timekeeping but also works of art, capturing the essence of Italian luxury and style.

Bvlgari's watchmaking prowess is exemplified by its integration of Swiss horological expertise, ensuring impeccable precision and reliability. The brand's commitment to innovation is evident in its use of advanced materials, such as carbon composites and ceramics, pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. Whether adorned with dazzling gemstones or exuding understated sophistication, Bvlgari watches cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. With a fusion of heritage, modernity, and technical mastery, Bvlgari watches stand as a testament to the brand's unwavering pursuit of excellence in the world of haute horology.

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20 Facts About Bvlgari

  1. Bvlgari was founded in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris, a Greek immigrant, in Rome, Italy.
  2. The brand's name is a phonetic rendering of its founder's Greek surname, which was adapted to make it more accessible to Italian speakers.
  3. Bvlgari is renowned for its exquisite jewellery, watches, accessories, fragrances, and luxury goods.
  4. The brand's headquarters are located in Rome, Italy, and it has a global presence with boutiques in major cities around the world.
  5. Bvlgari is part of the LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE conglomerate, one of the world's leading luxury goods groups.
  6. The iconic Bvlgari logo features the brand's name in a distinctive Roman-inspired font.
  7. Bvlgari is known for its bold and innovative designs, often incorporating vivid colours and a fusion of different precious materials.
  8. The Serpenti collection is one of Bvlgari's most iconic lines, featuring jewellery and watches inspired by the sinuous form of a serpent.
  9. Bvlgari is also celebrated for its high-end fragrances, with scents like "Bvlgari Pour Homme" and "Bvlgari Pour Femme" becoming classics in the perfume industry.
  10. The brand is known for its philanthropic efforts, including contributions to various cultural and charitable organisations.
  11. Bvlgari has collaborated with notable figures in the fashion and design industry, including architects like Zaha Hadid.
  12. The brand's jewellery and accessories have been featured in numerous films and worn by Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet.
  13. Bvlgari has a strong commitment to sustainable practices, including responsible sourcing of materials and eco-friendly production processes.
  14. The Bvlgari Hotel & Resorts chain offers luxury accommodations in cities like Milan, London, Dubai, Bali, and more.
  15. Bvlgari's B.zero1 collection, characterised by its distinctive spiral motif, is a testament to the brand's innovative approach to design.
  16. The brand has won numerous awards for its jewellery and watch designs, including prestigious industry accolades.
  17. Bvlgari's flagship store in Rome, located on Via dei Condotti, is an architectural masterpiece designed by architect Peter Marino.
  18. The brand's clientele includes royalty, celebrities, and discerning collectors who appreciate its craftsmanship and design aesthetic.
  19. Bvlgari has a strong presence in the world of high-end watchmaking, with collections like Octo and Serpenti Seduttori garnering critical acclaim.
  20. The Bvlgari brand is synonymous with Italian luxury, and its legacy continues to influence the world of fashion, jewellery, and luxury goods.

These facts highlight the rich history, innovation, and influence of the Bvlgari brand in the world of luxury.

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