Boodles, the esteemed British jewellery company, traces its roots back to 1798 when William Wainwright Boodle established a pawnbroking and second-hand jewellery business in Liverpool. Over the decades, the company burgeoned in reputation and reach, eventually expanding to Manchester. In a pivotal move in 1910, Boodles set up shop in London, solidifying its status as a prestigious jewellery brand. This expansion also marked the beginning of a longstanding association with the British Royal Family, as Boodles received its first Royal Warrant. This endorsement recognised the company as an official jeweller to the royals and attested to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of their creations.

Boodles' legacy is characterised by a commitment to innovation and distinctive design. The company is renowned for its ability to seamlessly integrate precious gemstones and intricate settings into its creations. The Wainwright family, direct descendants of the founder, William Wainwright Boodle, have maintained a hands-on approach, ensuring that Boodles remains a family-owned business for over two centuries. Their flagship stores, including the prestigious Bond Street location in London, serve as beacons of the brand's enduring legacy.

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In addition to its signature collections, Boodles offers a bespoke service, allowing clients to collaborate with expert craftsmen in the creation of custom-made pieces. This dedication to personalised craftsmanship, alongside a reputation for using the finest materials, has cemented Boodles' standing as one of the most respected jewellery brands in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the company has demonstrated a commitment to philanthropy and sustainability, aligning with modern values and ensuring that Boodles continues to shine in both the world of luxury jewellery and responsible business practices.

What is Boodles? 

Boodles is most famous for its exceptional craftsmanship, exquisite design, and the use of high-quality materials in crafting fine jewellery. The company is renowned for its ability to create unique and distinctive pieces that often incorporate precious gemstones, such as diamonds and coloured stones, in intricate settings. Boodles is also known for its bespoke jewellery service, which allows clients to work closely with expert craftsmen to create custom-made pieces tailored to their specific tastes and desires.

Additionally, Boodles' longstanding association with the British Royal Family, marked by its Royal Warrant, is a testament to the company's reputation for excellence and its status as an official jeweller to the royals. This endorsement has further contributed to Boodles' fame and prestige.

Boodles has gained recognition and acclaim for several iconic jewellery pieces that have contributed to its esteemed reputation in the world of luxury jewellery. Here are some notable examples:

The Boodles Raindance Collection

One of Boodles' most renowned collections, Raindance features a combination of different-sized diamonds set in a seemingly random pattern, creating a dazzling and fluid appearance. This collection has become a signature of Boodles' design philosophy, showcasing the company's ability to create visually stunning and innovative pieces.

The Boodles Ashoka Diamond Ring

Boodles gained significant attention for its Ashoka Diamond Ring, featuring a rare and exceptional Ashoka-cut diamond. The Ashoka cut is a patented diamond cut known for its elongated shape and exceptional brilliance. Boodles' use of this unique cut in their design further solidified their reputation for crafting extraordinary and distinctive pieces.

The Boodles Greenfire Necklace

This exquisite necklace is a testament to Boodles' expertise in using coloured gemstones. The Greenfire Necklace features a stunning green tourmaline surrounded by diamonds, creating a captivating and harmonious composition. This piece showcases Boodles' ability to combine coloured gemstones with diamonds to create breathtaking and harmonious designs.

The Boodles Knot Collection

The Boodles Knot Collection is celebrated for its elegant and timeless knot motif. This collection includes various jewellery items such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, all featuring a distinctive knot design. The simplicity and sophistication of this motif have contributed to its popularity and recognition.

The Boodles Roulette Collection

This collection is characterised by its use of vibrant coloured gemstones, particularly sapphires, in playful and innovative designs. The Roulette Collection showcases Boodles' ability to infuse a sense of modernity into their creations while maintaining a high level of craftsmanship.

These are just a few examples of the exceptional jewellery pieces that have helped establish Boodles as a leading name in luxury jewellery. Each of these pieces exemplifies Boodles' commitment to quality, innovation, and artistry, solidifying their place in the world of high-end jewellery design.

Should You Buy Boodles Jewellery as an Investment?

Boodles jewellery, recognised for its high-quality materials and beautiful designs, is known to maintain it value. Here are some factors that contribute to the value retention of Boodles jewellery:

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Boodles is renowned for using top-quality materials, including high-grade diamonds, coloured gemstones, and precious metals. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that each piece is made to the highest standards, which can contribute to its lasting value.

Timeless Design

Many of Boodles' designs are timeless and classic, transcending trends. Pieces like the Raindance Collection and the Knot Collection, for example, are characterised by elegant and enduring motifs. Timelessness in design often means that the jewellery remains desirable over the years.

Boodles Flower Press Diamond Pendant
Boodles Flower Press Diamond Pendant

Brand Reputation

Boodles Jeweller has built a strong reputation for excellence and luxury over its long history. The brand's association with the British Royal Family through its Royal Warrant further adds to its prestige. This reputation can positively influence the value of Boodles jewellery.

Limited Production and Exclusivity

Boodles is not a mass-produced brand, and some of its pieces may be produced in limited quantities. This exclusivity can contribute to the desirability and value of their jewellery, as it can be harder to acquire compared to more widely available brands.

Collector's Appeal

Certain iconic or limited-edition pieces from Boodles may have collector's appeal. Collectors often seek out jewellery from established and esteemed brands, and Boodles fits these criteria.

Resale Market

High-quality, luxury jewellery from reputable brands like Boodles can often hold its value well in the resale market. While prices can fluctuate based on factors like market conditions and trends, Boodles jewellery maintains a strong resale value.

Moreover, while Boodles jewellery tends to hold its value, market conditions, rarity of the piece, and individual preferences can still influence the resale value of specific items. Additionally, it's recommended to consult with a reputable jeweller (S&R Jewellers) or appraiser for a professional assessment of the value of any specific piece of jewellery.

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Pre-owned Boodles Jewellery in London

Can You Buy Boodles Rings Second Hand In London? 

It is possible to find second-hand or pre-owned Boodles jewellery such as rings in London. There are several avenues you can explore to purchase second-hand Boodles jewellery in the city:

Specialised Antique and Vintage Jewellery Stores

London is home to many antique and vintage jewellery stores that may carry a selection of pre-owned Boodles pieces. These stores often have a curated collection of vintage and estate jewellery, including items from renowned brands like Boodles.

Auction Houses

London boasts some of the world's most prestigious auction houses, where you can find a range of jewellery, including pieces from luxury brands like Boodles. Keep an eye on auction catalogues or attend jewellery auctions to see if any pre-owned Boodles items are available. Here is a list of auction houses to choose from: 

  • Sotheby's is one of the world's oldest and most prestigious auction houses, known for its auctions of fine art, antiques, and jewellery. They often feature high-end jewellery from renowned brands like Boodles.
  • Christie's is another globally renowned auction house with a strong presence in London. They conduct auctions in various categories, including jewellery, watches, and fine art. Christie's frequently features pieces from luxury jewellery brands.
  • Bonhams is a British auction house that conducts auctions across a wide range of categories, including jewellery, watches, and antiques. They often have auctions dedicated specifically to jewellery, where Boodles pieces may be featured.
  • Phillips is a leading auction house known for its expertise in modern and contemporary art, as well as design. While they are primarily focused on art and design, they occasionally feature high-end jewellery in their auctions.
  • Fellows is a UK-based auction house that specialises in jewellery, watches, and antiques. They regularly hold auctions dedicated to fine jewellery, and you may find pieces from luxury brands like Boodles among their listings.
  • Dreweatts is an auction house that conducts sales of fine art, antiques, and jewellery. While they are not as large as some of the other houses mentioned, they do occasionally feature high-quality jewellery in their auctions.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces, such as vintage and luxury jewellery websites, may have listings for second-hand Boodles jewellery. Websites like eBay, 1stdibs, and The RealReal often feature a diverse selection of pre-owned designer jewellery, including pieces from Boodles.

Jewellery Expos and Shows

London hosts various jewellery expos, fairs, and shows where dealers and collectors showcase their products. These events can be an excellent opportunity to find pre-owned Boodles jewellery.

Here are some notable ones:

  • International Jewellery London (IJL) is one of the most significant jewellery trade shows in the UK. It brings together designers, manufacturers, and retailers from around the world to showcase their latest creations and innovations in the jewellery industry.
  • Goldsmiths' Fair is organised by The Goldsmiths' Company, this annual fair is a showcase for contemporary fine jewellery and silverware. It features the work of skilled artisans and designers, making it a great platform to discover unique and high-quality pieces.
  • Collect: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects is not exclusively focused on jewellery, however, Collect includes a diverse range of contemporary crafts and designs, including innovative jewellery creations. It's a great event for those interested in exploring cutting-edge and unique jewellery designs.
  • The Jewellery Cut Live is an event that brings together a curated selection of independent jewellery designers and brands. It provides an opportunity for visitors to meet the designers, view their collections, and even make purchases on-site.
  • The London Antique & Vintage Textile Fair is primarily focused on textiles, this fair often includes exhibitors who specialise in vintage and antique jewellery. It's a unique opportunity to discover one-of-a-kind pieces with historical significance.
  • The Chelsea Antiques Fair features a diverse range of antiques, including vintage and antique jewellery. It's a great place to explore a wide selection of unique and collectable pieces.

Please note that event schedules may vary from year to year, and it's advisable to check the official websites or event organisers for the most up-to-date information on dates, locations, and exhibitors for these shows and expos.

Specialised Jewellery Brokers

Some specialised jewellery brokers and dealers may have pre-owned Boodles pieces available for purchase. These professionals often have extensive networks and access to a wide range of luxury jewellery.

Private Sellers and Estate Sales

Occasionally, individuals may sell their pre-owned Boodles jewellery privately, either through online platforms, classified ads, or estate sales. 

When buying pre-owned jewellery, especially from private sellers or less established sources, it's important to ensure the authenticity and condition of the piece.

Boodles or Tiffany

Boodles Vs Tiffany 

Boodles Jewellers, steeped in British heritage since its inception in the late 18th century. It is celebrated for its timeless collections like Raindance, Knot, and Ashoka, characterised by intricate settings and a harmonious blend of diamonds and coloured gemstones. Renowned for its bespoke service, Boodles allows clients to co-create custom pieces with skilled artisans. The brand's association with the British Royal Family, marked by Royal Warrants, further solidifies its prestige. Some Boodles creations are produced in limited quantities, adding an element of exclusivity to their designs.

In contrast, Tiffany & Co., founded in New York in 1837, boasts a rich American legacy, with iconic collections like the Tiffany Setting engagement ring, Atlas, and Elsa Peretti designs. Known for its high jewellery featuring rare gemstones, Tiffany emphasises quality and craftsmanship. The brand's globally recognised blue box packaging has become a symbol of luxury and refinement. With a worldwide presence and a reputation as one of the most internationally esteemed luxury jewellery brands, Tiffany & Co. offers a wide range of elegant and legendary designs.

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